Monday, March 10, 2014

Mommy McGyver

I came up with this thought while on a long distance road trip "McGyver Mom".  It's a part of the job title that seems to go with being a mom.  On several occasions quick thinking and using items that one has at their fingertips, a mom can get pretty creative.

For instance, we were traveling in the car and the sun was shinning in on T.  I tried using the canopy of his carseat, only to have him find it more fun to play with.  He was still getting annoyed with the sun in his face, but refused to give up playing with the canopy.  We have a window shade thing, but it was absolutely useless.  I was left with his fabric carseat canopy cover and safety pins from the sign I had pinned to it letting others know he was sleeping (more on that crafty project later).  So I took the pins out of the sign and pinned the canopy to the roof of the car.

It worked great!  That is until the tail end of the trip when someone was well beyond done with being in a car (7 hours is a long time!) and gave it one big yank, thus pulling it down from the ceiling.  Oh well, it served it's purpose well enough and long enough. 

This, however, is not the only time I had to get creative in the moment.  The great thing is, they always pop up out of nowhere, these lovely moments.  And more often then not they catch us by surprise for a brief moment.  That is, until the McGyver Mommy kicks in.  No matter how prepared I am, or at least think I am, it always nice to have this instinct go into gear when necessary...even if it is on short notice.

As for the signs I made, I decided to prepare ahead of time and make signs for our road trip.  I knew we'd be staying in a hotel and I knew we'd be around a lot of people.  Occasionally T will fall asleep in his carseat and then we have to move him inside.  I don't know what it is, but when people see a sleeping baby, their voices seem to get louder.  So, I made a sign I could pin to his fabric carseat canopy that read "Please do not disturb, I am sleeping in here".  

I also made one that we attached the door at the hotel, something more noticble then the ones you put into the key spot.  And it was great to really let people know why we were not wanting to be disturbed.  The one for the door read "Please do not disturb, our little one is sleeping".  Of course on both, I type "Thanks!" really big.  We didn't have to use the canopy one at all, but we did use the door one.  It seemed to work out well, as our little guy napped longer naps than he does at home.

I guess it was a little bit of my Mommy McGyver kicking in, only this time, I could be better prepared.

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