Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Early to Rise

Before having a child I would sleep in as late as I could.  That being said, I was usually up by 7:30 most days that I didn't have to be into work.  I was up early, well sort of, and would begin my day with the usual get ready and proceed with the day.  Looking back, the problem with this was that stuff was left undone most days and I was generally okay with that.  Then my hubby, who had to leave for work by 6:30 at the time, began to rise early.  You know the phrase, "the early bird gets the worm" right.  Well, I was seeing how true that statement was becoming, I just didn't realize it.

In my mind, I thought, what could you possibly do for the hour and a half earlier you get up?  I was quickly beginning to realize that it was his sacred time and he would get done some of the things he found important so that he could use the time when he returned from work for us to spend together.  My mind kept circling this idea and I would keep trying it out for myself, but in the end the giant snooze button got hit every morning and sleep prevailed.

Then, we had our son.  When that happens you are on a different schedule all together, at least while they are a newborn.  But as he got older, sleep would still prevail and I would try as hard as I could just to get an extra few minutes in in the morning or wake up grumbling (telling the truth here) because I wasn't really ready for the day yet.  The idea of early to rise kept coming back to me and showing up in the books I read, blogs I followed, and seeing it right in my own home.

What was I to do?  I kept trying to do it.  I even tried a 30 day early to rise challenged and a 10 day one.  Neither ended with me consistently rising early.  One of the concepts was to rise before anyone in the house.  Honestly, 4:30 or even earlier was just too early for me.  I was trying to find a time that worked with my body clock, but also allowed a least some amount of time to actually accomplish something.  While away with just my son and I visiting family, I was actually able to do this.  I rose before everyone in the house!  And I tell you it was amazing.  The first thing I did was grab the camera (and monitor too) and walk down to the lake.  Then I realized, how beautiful and refreshing it would be to do my yoga on the end of the dock.  Self meditation was a great way to start the day.

Then we came home and I fell back into the old routine.  I kept trying and trying, but was facing no success at it.  Until I went to the SimpleRev conference.  I had to be up early because I had to drive and be ready for the day ahead.  It wasn't until the second day when arrived early and was able to walk around in mostly silence.  It was Saturday and the skyway wasn't busy with people yet.  It gave me the chance to walk around, think, be quiet, be still, and take in the view.  I realized how nice it was to be up before othersand why so many people do it.

I figured I typically hear my hubby wake anyways and then the sleep quality until I would normally get up (at the sounds of my son) was no benefit to me.  Plus, scrambling to quickly to get ready was adding stress to the morning when it didn't need to be that way.  Three days after the conference, I finally managed to rise early. No, it wasn't before my hubby, but it was before my son.  I was able to basically get ready, do a quick peruse through social media, and now write.  I feel more ready for the day today than I have for awhile.  Who knows, maybe I will even get to sneak in a little yoga and meditation.

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