Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fill Your Bucket with Intention

The idea of living intentionally has been something I have typically have done through the years.   But I know that with the increase in things like social media, that I have sometimes gotten sucked into that world only to find that two hours just passed me by.

After having our son, any moments I could sneak in to check things out I would.  I will admit, there were times when I was trying to look at something only to have him take over the screen and I would be frustrated.  Why?  I really have know idea.  I just know that it can be tough to put the phone, tablet, or computer down...especially once you get started.

I realized that, a few months ago, that if I wanted to be more present (a goal of mine) that I would need to put the technology down more.  Sure, I would go a week at a time every so often where I would limit my usage during the day.  Sometimes it worked well for the week, other times not so much.  And it never failed, at the end of the week I would go back to the way I was doing things.  Not all bad, but not great either.

A combination of blogs & books I read, podcasts I listen to, and the SimpleRev Conference that I attended have made me reevaluate how I am going about in my daily life.  Also, now that my son is older he is more receptive and its has become clear that he is watching me more.  So it is also about what do I want him to learn.

The idea of living simply scares a lot of people.  But I like to think of it as living with intention. Whatever comes in must have a purpose, function, and be something you enjoy.  It can work in all areas of your life, including social media.  If something is bringing you down, causing frustration, or making you miss out on what is important than it is time to evaluate that thing and decide if must stay, go, or be re-purposed some how.

The other side of it is that things have become routine or habit and we don't realize we are sometimes doing it.  In order to undo the things we want, we have to create a routine that works and make habits that are more in line with where we are and where we want to go. The best part about life as Andy Andrew says, "the bad news we were in control of our past, the good news we are in control of our future".  Yes, there are some things we cannot control and those are things we need to just accept.  However, where we can control we need to hold those reigns with courage and strength.

I personally like David Delp's thought on it.  You take a look at your roles in life, create goals in each of those areas (think before I die, I want to...), and then create a weekly plan for each of them.  What are the steps you can take now to get closer to your end goal.  End goal, such an awesome concept (thanks Dan & Vanessa Hayes for that one).  Think about first where you want to end up and how you want things to look.  Then, figure out the steps necessary to get to that.  And most importantly, take those steps.

Oh, and its okay to fail and okay to make mistakes.  I have a hard time accepting this sometimes.  Failing and making mistakes means we took risks and we are learning.  As David said, stand up with your arms up to the sky and say "I Failed" like its no big deal.  Say that often enough, and things begin to seem lighter and funnier.  Do that with a large of group of people like I did at SimpleRev and its even better.  Its okay to admit that we failed.  But we survived and took a risk.

So, open your eyes and look around.  Take in the beauty that is in front of you.  Be happy with where things are at  as well instead of waiting for the perfect time. Take risks and stand tall when there is failure.  Slow down, breath, and keep a smiling.

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