Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Mom I Thought I Would Be

When I was a teacher it gave me a glimpse into what having my own kids could be like.  I set it in my mind things I would do, wouldn't do, and what I would like to give a try.  Then, I had my own child.  While some of those things still come into play, there is a lot that has changed...mostly me.

For us, we knew that I was going to stay home.  Unless, once the time came and we either couldn't swing it financially or if it really didn't work for me and I wanted to work instead.  After we lost our daughter there was no question in my mind that I wouldn't let finances be a factor.  I wanted give it a try when we had our son.  And you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world.

For some though, they would rather stay in the workforce or they really can't swing it financially.  That is okay.  You do what works for you.  Me staying home works for us.

I had gotten myself on the hook of I have to make all the baby food purees.  Which you know, I did actually do it.  However, on occasion we did have jar food on hand because when you travel its way easier to dish up the stuff from a jar verses having frozen cubes of puree.  Not that we didn't try it that route the first time we traveled.

Thankfully, my son didn't stick with purees for very long as I am not sure how long I would have or could have gone making our own.  But I will tell you when you are working with a budget, it is very cost effective.  This making my own purees then led to making my own food pouches.  I would make them up ahead of time and freeze them.

I lasted for a few months doing this, but at last I lost my creative ideas for combinations, I was getting tired of spending several days prepping them, steaming, and putting the pouches together.  My son used to eat through two of them in day because I was the only way I could get him to eat veggies.  So, I went against my need for making my own, got back my time, and started buying them.  In the long run, not as cost effective, but hey, it meant that they were done and truly ready to go at any point.

After one of his wellness visits and the pediatrician reassuring us that he will get his need for vegetables in and we have to look beyond the day.  Over the course of the month, he will be fine.  Plus, he was entering the food stage of, sure I like it today, but no way will I be eating it tomorrow.  Then I realized how many servings he was really getting in a day when he had a pouch.  Way more than he needed, but lesson learned.

While on the topic of food, I had told myself we would not let him have fast food for as long as possible.  Yeah, that went out the window pretty quick when we visited dad for lunch and my son wanted to eat his dad's hamburger more than what I had made up for him.  Then Summer came and it was softball season.  So, every other week we were meeting dad for dinner and my son would have fast food.  Oh well, at least we got to spend time together as a family, it was only for the Summer, and we got some pretty cool books in the kid's meals.

This only scratches the surface.  We are only 19 months in, so there is more to come down the road.  What I do know is that no matter how much you prep or think about it, you have to be in the moment to really get an idea.  While I may have had all these big ideas, some may not work for us or some will change, and I won't know it until we get there.  Parenting is about flexibility where you can be and sticking to your guns when you need to. 

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