Friday, June 26, 2015

100 Days of Summer ~ Finding New Places to Explore

We are a family who likes to be outdoors.  During the day, we try out new playgrounds to play at and find new places to explore.  That is what SUmmer is all about isn't?  Being outside and finding places to explore.  We often forget, we don't have to always go somewhere or go far to explore.  Sometimes just exploring around in our own back yards or even in the neighborhood is an adventure in itself.

One place we have found to love is Tamarack Nature Center's Discovery Hallow.  As it says in the name, Discovery Hallow, is all about exploring.  They have a stream to play in, rocks to climb, tree stuff to build with, a giant sandbox all in a beautiful outdoor place to be in.  Added bonus, it's free.

My son and I visited there recently for the first time and he had a blast.  I found too, that I could find a rock to sit on, relax a little bit, and watch him delve into his surroundings.  It gave me a chance to take in the nature side as well and also see it through his eyes.

That is what Summer is all about...exploring new places and exploring right in your backyard.  Even more so, it's seeing what is around you in a different light, through a child's eyes, a different perspective.

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