Monday, June 29, 2015

100 Days of Summer ~ Popsicle Sharing

This Summer is our third Summer with our son.  Now that he is a little older and can do more, we've been trying new things.  Not only are we finding new activities, but new foods as well.

This Summer is about the cool treats, like popsicles.  They are such a yummy, awesome treat on a hot day or when we come home from playing at the park.

The first time we shared a popsicle with our son, he was hesitant and kind of shivered after taking a lick.  But once he realized how good it was, he dove right in.  He was willing to share with us whenever we had one.

After a few times, it turned into him choosing what color he wanted to well as what my hubby and I would eat.  Now, he just likes to have his own popsicle.  But he will ask for 'tastes" of the one you are having.  If you ask him to try his, he will let you.  However, he will barely eat his and just keep trying everyone else's popsicle. 

When Summer comes around, so do all the Summer treats.  From watermelons to ice cream trucks, it is time to try them all.  Hopefully, one of these days, we can catch the ice cream truck for that fun experience.

When it comes down to it, Summer is about sharing.  It comes in many forms.  From stories to smiles and laughs.  From the special moments to the food and activities.  Its having your own popsicle, but sharing with others while sitting in the backyard enjoying the evening...enjoying life.

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