Monday, June 29, 2015

Mom Confessions ~ French Fries and Fast Food

When we had our son, I told myself, we are going to limit the interaction with fast food.  Hmmm...nice try mom.  We did okay when he first starting eating real food.  Sometimes we would get a fast food dinner and share a few bites with him, but he had little interest.  But then softball season started.  We'd meet for dinner before games and my son began to eat more on his own.  Now, this Summer we have softball season, being pregnant, and house showings.  Eating out has become more common than eating in.  To say my son has his fair share of nuggets and fries to this point, is no joke.  I do feel bad that we are eating out so often and it's not something special to look forward.  But in the end, sometimes it's the easy way for us and I am okay with that.  Hopefully, once Summer is over and we've sold our house, we can go back to meals at home and save going out to eat for special times.

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