Thursday, May 26, 2016

Finding Inspiration and Motivation

With all areas in life, we need to find inspiration.  Well, inspiration and motivation.  The two concepts really go hand in hand and can really make a significant impact on the success of something or reaching our goals and dreams.

We tend to find people who are doing what we want to do or have done or have been through what we are going through before us to help guide us through our life.  A role model of sorts really.  These peoples successes and failures help us to set our goals and dreams into motion.

Healthy is a lifestyle.  It is something I am beginning to take more seriously.  My healthy is a priority and needs to be a priority.  Not just physical health and well being, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual.  All areas of our life need to be in good health.  Every now and then we need a tune up in one or more of the areas.  Life's ups and downs, and the curve balls that are thrown at us throw us off balance in one or more area.

I've tried repeatedly over the years to put my health first, especially my physical health.  I did this through modified diets, dieting, exercising, or whatever I could think of to make it improve.  However, through it all, I always failed.  I would begin something, then something would throw me off and I would put it by the wayside to be picked up later.  Well, more often than not, later didn't come.  I just left it there and time passed by.  Then, I would try something different when I felt the push again to get things back on track.

I bet, if you looked along the wayside of my life, there are a lot of things I started and just let fall off.  This needed to change.  I figured out that I was lacking inspiration to get me going and motivation to keep me going.

I knew I wanted to make some changes, but was stuck in a rut and didn't know where to begin.  Plus, the idea of trying to find time to work out with a newborn and a toddler, almost preschooler stressed me out.  I needed to find the inspiration.  I found it through my sister in law, Taylor.  She has been working out and following different programs to get her lifestyle healthy.  And her success in it shows.  Not only has she been my inspiration to get me going initially and to pick it up back up again after a break, she has been an awesome motivator too.

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