Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting This Fitness Going

From the time I was little all the way through high school I was in sports.  Most of the time it was gymnastics, but in high school it was track and field as well.  I was healthy and physically fit.  Then, I went to college.

In college, I didn't do as much and ate like a college kid.  A few years in, I began to do a little more on the nicer days around campus.  But still not as active as I once was.  I know I gained weight, some of it I probably needed to, but some was more than I needed.  Either way, I became less active and ate less healthy.  In some ways, the four years in college were a much needed break from daily sports.  However, when you get out of the routine of it all then your habits change.  It takes time to get rid of bad habits and replace them with better ones.

Fast forward 12 years and with time I became less and less active and didn't watch what I ate.  It happens, life happens.  Both things were not put as a priority in my life.  Add in three pregnancies and two active kids, my priorities began to change.

Every year I put getting healthy on my list of musts for the year.  I would start out strong and then as the year progressed it got pushed to the side.  Or, I would only think on it and never go anywhere with it.

With my second pregnancy I gained weight, and then some.  But then again, I gave into my food cravings and ate things that I shouldn't have on a regular basis.  As my son got older, I began to realize the benefits of eating better and being more active.  If not for myself and to keep up with him, but to model what it means to eat well and be active.

After my second son arrived on the scene I knew it was time to actually make some real changes.  I began to exercise more regularly and eat better.  Then again, after finding out that I couldn't eat dairy based products it really made it easier to eat better, as well as caffeine and chocolate.  I had to change my mindset and pay more attention to what I ate.  In the long, it made me be more creative when cooking and was able to avoid a lot of junk food.

Nearly 7 months after my youngest was born, I am beginning to see the results of my work.  I am also gaining a new perspective on things as well.  I've adopted the motto "Put good in, get good out".  I've used it for what I do, what I eat, what I want my end goal to be, and more.  Even more so, it's a phrase that I use with my oldest to get him to eat better.

So, I challenge you to put good in and get good out.  What is the first step you are going to take today?

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