Sunday, May 29, 2016

Take a Moment

All to often life passes us by in a quick haze of the daily grind.  We fill our calendars full of things, whether for ourselves or our families.  We are busy, too busy really.  And then we fill our to do lists with even more.  Today, everyday, every week, take a moment.

Take this moment to...

Hold your child while they sleep (even though your other child is watching tv)

To help your child, even though you know that they can do it on their own (and despite the fact that you are frustrated having to help them)

To answer the questions

To listen

To talk to God and thank him, even for the smallest things

To breath in the scent of your child, for that baby smell quickly turns into kid smell and then they are grown

To snuggle, rock, and carry them, because one day they won't ask any more

To be present with what is going on around you and in front of you (put the phone, the tablet, the distractions down)

To slow down, give things up, free your calendar

To say no to things that bring no joy and weigh you down, and yes to those that make your heart sing and bring you happiness

To give a smile away and to share laughs

To share stories

To give your loved ones a hug, a squeeze, an arm around their shoulders

To tell those most dear to you that you love them, they are amazing, beautiful, and how much they mean to you

Take a moment, this moment

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