Friday, May 27, 2016

When traveling, bring travel candy

My husband, for years, whenever he would go on road trips and vacations he would always get some type of candy for the ride.  It usually consisted of at least one favorite kind of candy and could withstand being left in the car.

After getting married, any time we went on vacation we would pack some type of travel candy with us.  Sometimes it what was whatever we could find in the house.  Other times, it was on the shopping list to get before we left.

Even when my husband would travel on his own, I would got out before he left and by some of his favorite candy.  Usually Mike and Ikes and Good and Plenty made the list.  But for car trips, we always get a big bag of Twizzlers for sure.

We recently continued this tradition on with our oldest son.  We went to Duluth for a few days and before we left we made the decision that we needed to go get travel candy.  We made a quick run out the day before and let him choose what he wanted.  He chose the Mike and Ikes while I grabbed the Twizzlers and Junior Mints.

My son loved the idea and couldn't wait to have the candy.  He liked it so much, we had to dig in our candy stash at home so we could save the candy for when we left.  He greatly enjoyed having bits of candy throughout our road trip.  By far he liked the Mike and Ikes and Junior Mints, the Twizzlers not so much.  That's okay, my husband and I enjoy those, so we don't mind having them to ourselves.

It's a fun little tradition to continue on with our kiddos.  I am guessing our next road trip he will be asking for some travel candy...although it will only be a 40 minute drive at most to get there.  But it will still be fun.

What road trip traditions do you have with your family?

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