Thursday, June 2, 2016

Let's Get This Exercise Started!

I've tried the workout dvds and the workouts on netflix.  Yet, I was never able to keep them going.  Maybe I got bored of them, maybe it was because I couldn't set the stuff up quickly, or maybe it's because I didn't have it written down.  Who knows really.  I just know that I would got a bit and then stop.  Never giving it a chance to become a part of my life.

Now, because I want to make health a priority, it seems to come more easily.  Not to say that I don't have set backs.  I started after I was cleared from the doctor.  I had a c-section delivery, so I had to wait until my 6 week follow up and even after that had to ease into it.

I began in December 2015.  It was slow at first and easy going.  Then came the holidays and a family vacation during which, I did not work out.  It kept tugging at me though, so I got back to it a few times a week.

I noticed a difference on the days I did exercise.  Despite the lack of sleep, working out part way through the day seemed to help.  It helped me make it through the afternoons with just enough energy.  But it wasn't really until I put it all on a calendar that I really got moving more consistently.

My sister in law, Taylor, told me about Fitness Blender.  Its a great! There are so many workouts to choose from, for free even.  There are also programs you can buy that also include a meal plan.  Even those are inexpensive.  There is a favorites section and a calendar that you can input your own workout plan.

I highly recommend filling in the calendar with workouts.  It makes it easier to get going and you can get to working out faster.  It wasn't until I entered workouts on specific dates and set a monthly goal that I finally started to see results.

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