Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mini Vacation ~ Duluth

My oldest has been asking to see lighthouses, especially to see Split Rock.  This time around we didn't make it all the way up to Split Rock, but we settled on Duluth with a short trip up to Two Harbors during nap.  So we got to see lighthouses and a few extra things.

For us, Duluth is about a two hour drive.  I was excited to head to Duluth for a mini vacation.  We hyped it up as much as we could with our oldest (maybe a little too much).  But we were all ready to go.  Staying in water park hotel, watching the lake freighters, seeing the lift bridge, and just being near the great waters of Lake Superior.

We showed our son videos of the lift bridge, the boats, and even the lighthouses.  He was excited to go.  We showed him pictures of the water park and all talked about all we could do.

I will admit, I was nervous and worried about how it would all go.  First vacation all four of us, being in a hotel room, and doing a water park.  My son loves water and he loves playgrounds, the water park seemed like the best of both.  Not to mention all the extra cool things we would get to see while in Duluth.

Our room faced the lake, so when it wasn't foggy, we got to see the lighthouses, the lift bridge, and even watch the boats coming and going. It was great!  We played in the water in the morning, sat on the balcony watching the lake while the youngest napped, and explored Canal Park in the evenings.

We all needed this mini vacation for many reasons.  Extra family time, trying something new, and helping to give us a better perspective on vacations with four of us.  All around a good time.  We are ready for our next adventure!

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