Tuesday, July 12, 2016

11 years

11 years ago I married my best friend, and yes, my high school sweetheart.  We've been together nearly 21 years.  Yes, you read that right, 21.  We've been through the awkward middle school years, the transition to high school, then the long distance of the college years, leading us to marriage and family.  Our relationship has seen a lot in those years.  Sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky.  But we've made it through, together, coming out stronger on the other side.

This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary.  And by celebrate, we attempted to go out after the kids were in bed, but one of them had ideas of their own.  My youngest opted for going to bed much later than he normally does and by the time he was asleep it was nearly 9:00 and we were both ready to just go to bed.  By the time we went to bed, I said "well happy anniversary dear, goodnight".

It's funny, before kids we celebrated our anniversary more.  Some years it was just us, some years we were with extended family.  And some anniversaries are more memorable than others of course.  I will admit, it's usually the ones with extended family that I remember the most.  Why? Because we have usually been on vacation as well, enjoying some of our favorite places to visit and sharing the joy with others.  Then again, there is the year we had the most disastrous trip to Omaha as we were navigating parenting with a three month old and the longest road trip we've taken. 

This year, we got spend it with extended family.  In the morning we took in seeing the sights of Hudson and the Nina and Pinta.  Then I am pretty sure I took a nap when both kids did. We grilled out for dinner, which if you ask me, is one of the best ways to do dinner anytime.  And then ended the evening talking with family.

We've never been ones to do a lavish evening out.  It's just not our style really.  One year, I gave my hubby a case of his favorite beer and he gave me a giant bag of my favorite candy.  Nothing says love like beer and chocolate right?  Simple really, and after so long we know each other so well.  In fact, I am guessing had we gone out, we would have gone to Culver's for custard and maybe even some fried cheese curds.  Like my hubby said, one year we may be able to go out and celebrate our anniversary on our own. 

But for now, I will take spending the day as a family creating memories as a blessing.  And if we can toss in a beer and some chocolate, or custard and cheese curds while we are at it it's a bonus.  Sometimes just surrounding yourself with those you truly care for is all that really matters and is a celebration in itself.  Celebrate life, family, love, health...even if it's just a normal day of the week.

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