Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Have a Beauiful Day!"

Have a beautiful day, four simple words that can make a big impact.  Today, I swung through the drive thru to pick up a "coffee" (can't have caffeine, so it's a mocha frappe, but I pretend it's coffee) and a little breakfast (fed the kids, got everything ready, and realized once we were on our way I hadn't fed myself...oops) as we headed to meet friends.  I payed at the first window and received my order at the second.  Nothing out of the ordinary really, until the person handing me my stuff said "have a beautiful day!", with a warm, friendly smile.  I am fairly certain I pulled away with an even bigger smile.

Her words were genuine.  Full of hope and calming.  Have a beautiful day is a game changer in perspective.  It boosts your mood, makes you smile, and the stress seems to float away.

That was at 8:30 this morning and her words are still with me as I write this at 3:15.  Why?  I am not sure.  But they are stuck.  Playing over and over in my mind.  It seems to make the things that are tough right now or have been tough lately and gives them less of a stronghold on me.  It made me stop mid disagreement with my three year about a certain book he chose to read before nap being too long and we needed to pick shorter ones.

The deal is, we usually read three.  If you pick one long, the other two have to be short.  On days we do nap later, it's three short or really short stories.  In the car, we had picked on the stories we were going to do, or so I thought.  But he was adamant about reading this one story, which was definitely one of the longest ones he has.

I pleaded with him to save it for after nap or maybe we could do it as one of his bedtime stories.  But nope, no go.  He really wanted that one.  Why, I don't know.  But I have learned (just need to remember it more) is that there is a reason he is so adamant about wanting certain stories.  I took a big breath in and was about to try pleading with him to change it out, when the words "have a beautiful day" rang through my mind first, then my heart.

My shoulders relaxed. My strong emotions and need to push subsided. My heart opened and my mind cleared.  The tension floated away into the air.  Then it hit me, okay.  If we do that story, it is the only one we do.  He stopped pushing, looked at me and said "okay".

Everyone was happy, relaxed.  What could have led to an all out battle and fit, ended peacefully.  Why, oh why, can't I remember to do this more?  Sometimes, as adults, we push and push too much that our kids get tired of it and all they want is to be heard.  It takes a word or phrase to make us stop, slow down, and listen...truly listen. 

I needed to hear those words, those four simple words.  So much about life, emotions, attitude is all about perspective.  We change our perspective (for the good or for the bad) we begin to focus on things differently.  With time, it is what our lives become and what we focus on.  Like I said, for the good or for the bad.  When we focus only on the negative, we miss the small things.  The moments made, memories shared, smiles passed, stories, laughs...some of the true joys of life.  When we focus on the positive, the bad doesn't seem so bad and we seem to let go of the negative things that don't have a place in our life in the first place.

So to you, I say to you..."Have a beautiful day!"

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