Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Going From One Kid to Two

I don't think anything can truly prepare a person for the role of parenting.  Parenting is a delicate balance of learning how to be a parent, figuring out and working with your child's personality, transitioning between the stages, letting your child be the person that God designed them to be, and acceptance.

It took a bit for me to learn how to be a parent after T was born.  But rather quickly, we fell into a routine and a new normal.  Together we found a balance that worked.

Nine months ago we went from one kid to two.  I will admit, I am still learning.  Both kids are changing stages so quickly that I can barely keep up.  No sooner do I begin to get any headway and understanding, than things begin to change and I am back at square one.

Today, I had a good friend ask me, how do you do manage two kids?  To be honest, it's not always easy.  I've made a lot of of mistakes and yes, even after nine months, I am still learning.  Some days are better than others, heck some hours are better than others.  But I manage, we manage.  Slowly, I am beginning to figure things out better.

To be honest, as I begin to figure myself out and my role of parenting two, the more confident I am and less mistakes are made. We are beginning to fall into a routine again, a new normal. 

Am I going to make mistakes going forward?  Yeah, probably.  Do I still have a lot of learning to do?  Yup.  But at least for now, I can take the things I learned, the failures I've had, the mistakes made, and use the successes to move us forward.

There will be good days and rough days.  Things will continue to change.  But together we will figure each other out and navigate the twist and turns of our journey.  So, how do I manage?  Not sure, I just do. 

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