Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Magic of Christmas

It's December.  Thanksgiving weekend was just wrapping up a little over a week ago, and Christmas, well it's really just around the corner.  Ask any kid old enough, it's only 18 days away.  Okay, so less than three weeks away, but you know those days are going to fly by and before we know it all the Christmas stuff will be cleared away.

And with that all the magic of Christmas fades away.  But why?  Why do we have to loose the magic of Christmas once the holiday is over?

Have you ever noticed that once Thanksgiving is done, things seem to change in a magical way?  If you have kids, especially younger ones, this magic shows up every day in the littlest of things.  I put the garland up on the wall the separates our dining room with our family room while my kids were napping and when my oldest woke, came downstairs, the first words were "wow, look at the pretty garland. I like the garland mom".  Every time it snows, he asks me if it's Christmas yet.

I will admit, I love to decorate for Christmas and Winter around my house.  I especially love setting up the tree and getting it all decorated.  Then, waking in the morning, while still dark out, turning on the tree lights only and just sitting in the silence.  If I could leave up the tree and decorations I would totally leave them up until Spring.  Now, my oldest loves to help decorate when he can.  The moment we turned the lights on the tree, both my kids walked over to it and just stared.  My youngest, who was too little last year, would point and giggle a little at it.  And when the tree is off, he signs on while point at it to have them turned on.  There is something in those lights that is just so mesmerizing.

Last year, we went on walks almost every night after dinner to look the lights around the neighborhood.  This year, we've already done a couple drives around to look at the lights.  My oldest just loves to see them and talks about them.  He even enjoys them when they aren't on.

The joy in their voices and on their faces says it all.  This special magic creates joy, peace, and memories.  When you can pass it along, it's even better.  I love seeing this time of year through my kids eyes.  It's a good reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and it's also a good reminder to slow down and take it all in.

When Christmas comes to pass, all to quickly, I want that magic to continue throughout the year.  But how do we take that magic and push it through the cold Winter months into Spring, through the busyness of Summer into Fall?

Well, it starts by looking at all the small moments: those fleeting ones that we wish could last forever, those moments that we wish would pass more quickly.  It means saying yes to more things and being willing to slow down.  It means looking at the world the way our kids do and being excited at even the simplest of things.  It means going through the day with a different perspective, a different attitude.  It means to continue to dream, to live in the moment, to remember the past.  It means to let go and to let in. 

Build up the magic of Christmas in your heart, your kids hearts, and those around you.  And when this time of year comes to a close, keep that warmth in your hearts and pass it along to others as you continue through the next year.

Believe in the magic of Christmas.