Monday, January 9, 2017

Checking it Out ~ The Library


The library really has so much to offer year round.  However, we've had a tendency to utilized it the most during the colder months and rainy days.  I need to get better at making the library visits more of a priority.  My oldest loves to read books and would read all day long. My youngest is just getting started in sitting long enough for one story.  Added bonus if there is a play area for them to explore and meet other kids.

Beyond the books and play, the story times are great.  Well, at least at the library closest to us.  A good morning song, letter of the week, action songs, stories, puppets, good bye songs, coloring sheets, and stickers.  Keep it moving, keep it short, keep the kids engaged.  A great win for everyone and an awesome learning experience.

I was skeptical of story times at first because of two libraries making it tough to sit through one.  The first time we ever went the good morning song involved greeting each of the nearly 30 kids that were there by name.  My son didn't make it very long and ended up falling asleep in the car ride home.  We left before they were half done with greeting each kid.  The other time we tried a story time was at a rather large library, however, we weren't there quick enough (and by quick enough, you had to be ready to run into the story time area to claim a spot) and there wasn't enough room in the space they used.  We were turned away, very disappointed.

However, we just happened to be at the library near our new house to see what it was like and it happened to be a story time day.  My son decided to join in and it was fun for everyone. We try to go to the library at least once a month, but I want to make more of an effort to go on the story time days more often.

Since moving, I've recently noticed we have 10, yes 10 libraries that are within 7 miles of our house.  So, we are going to spend the next several months going on a library treasure hunt to try out all of those libraries and see what they have to offer.

Before we know it Summer will be here and we can utilize the Summer reading programs.  These are great, even for the little kids!

My oldest did the reading program the Summer he turned one.  Each day we read, he colored in a part of a picture and once filled out, he could exchange it for a prize.  We ended up with egg shakers, some really cool books, and a CD that both kids love to listen in the car (and now some songs skip a smidge).  Older kids get chances to get state fair tickets and more.

The library is one of the best free resources out there.  The only cost is the time you invest into going and reading.  Everyone can and does benefit from it. Both my kids have a library card and get to check out books.  Yes, even my one year has his own card.  He had it shortly after he was born.

So, who else is ready to go on an adventure? Check out your local library.  What fun things do they have to offer?

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