Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017!


Welcome to 2017!  The calendar says its a new year and a new year means many things.  It means that some of the things we enjoy keep on going into the next year, but it also means a time for change.  Usually the end of a year and the beginning of new is the time when many of us re-evaluate where we are at, look at where we want to be, and put into motion the steps it will take to get there.

The start of a new year, many create resolutions for the new time.  They may start off strong, but it quickly fades as the months pass by.  Soon they are forgotten about until we round the corner of Thanksgiving and head into Christmas and realize that those resolutions we were so set on come back to face us.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all about setting goals.  But setting a goal takes much deeper thought and planning in order to achieve.  In order for there to be success, one must figure out the in between steps in order to complete the goal.  I will set a goal, then break it into smaller chunks and figure out what I need to do in order to reach the mini goal.  I also set small rewards for making the mini goal. With each mini goal completed, I get one step closer to my main goal.  This allows me the time to fail, pick myself back up, re-evaluate, and try again.

I prefer to set goals throughout the year based on where I am at.  However, at the start of a new year, I do something different.  I set a one word mantra to carry me through the year.  Each year, I pick a new word for the new year.

I got the idea almost six years ago.  After the loss of our daughter, I found a wonderful mentor to help me through my grief.  I took an illuminate class which utilized photography (something I enjoy doing) and journaling (something else I enjoy doing) to help work through the grief of the loss.  The creator, Beryl Young, created the class after she had experienced the loss of her daughter and used the camera to help her through her grief.  At the end of the class our last task was to reflect on the year and determine a one word mantra to help carry us through the next year.  Every year since, I decide on my word.

Some years it comes to me easily, some years I start with one and then it changes part way through the year, and some years the changes in life throw me off that I never end up picking a word.  The latter happened to me last year.  It wasn't until August when I settled on the mantra "Just Breathe". 

This time around, I took to my mentor and followed the route she went in creating her word for the year.  I used Susanna Conway's "finding your word".  It came in five emails over fives days.  Each one helped to work towards finding your word.  After that and taking some time to reflect, while letting the ideas resonate in my head for awhile, I came up with my word.

My 2017 word is "Be".  On the surface it may not seem like much.  However, when you put such a simple word in front of another word, it fills with so much more meaning.


You see, "be" takes me to where I want to go. This is a short list of where putting into life's daily motions can make such a big difference.  It stirs inside of me and reminds me of so much. I choose to carry this word with me and see where it can lead me.

Maybe this year is your year to try something different.  Maybe this year instead of a list of resolutions, finding your one word mantra is more what fills you and fits you.  So, if you look past the resolutions and past the goals, what would your one word mantra be for 2017? 

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