Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birthday Cake Fun

I remember when I was little for our birthdays my mom would make our cakes.  Sometimes it was our favorite (I had pumpkin pie one year because I love pumpkin pie so much) and sometimes it was something she created and decorated.

When we got to my oldest's first birthday I knew I wanted to make his cake.  In fact, at that point, I wanted to do what I could, when I could, to make as many of the cakes for my kids' birthdays.  I have found that a lot depends on the number of people and how much time I have to put something together if it is actually going to get done. It also depends on my ability.

My youngest, for his first birthday I so wanted to do a hedgehog cake.  But I couldn't easily figure out how to do make one on my own.  I scoured the internet for ideas and how toos,   Then I looked at the timing of it all and the number of people, schedules for naps, and the mealtime style (buffet) and decided that it wasn't going to happen.  I wasn't going to be able to make his cake.  However, with the help of my parent's, he got hedgehog cupcakes from a fantastic bakery and they were delicious.  His party was before his actual birthday, so I did manage to make a simple cake for us to enjoy on the day of.

For my oldest, I have done themed cakes since his first birthday.  His first one was a monkey because his room was jungle themed.  Since then, I've gone off what he likes.  The second cake was a construction site with diggers and dump trucks because he liked all things vehicles.  Still liking vehicles for his third birthday, even hinted at two trucks he wish he could have for birthday presents, I made him a road cake with those trucks on it.  This year, fourth birthday, I asked him totally for his input.  He said he wanted a camping one.  So I asked what needed to be on it and he gave me a short list...a camper and vehicle, a fire, a tent.  I went with it.  This year he got a camping cake.

I will admit, each year stretches my creative ability.  But each year I figure out different techniques to add to the overall look, trying to make it look somewhat realistic.  When I am decorating the cakes I get into a zone.  I am truly happy making and decorating them.

Will my kiddos remember the cakes they had? Maybe, maybe not.  But what I do know is that I will remember the sheer joy on their faces when they see their cake for the first time.  If they take anything away from it, I hope they remember that their mom made their cakes for them and the love she put into them.

Now, who is ready for some cake!

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