Sunday, April 16, 2017

Taking the Time to Rock

When T was little, from the get go, we rocked with him.  Once we got passed the rocking and shooshing stage, I would rock and sing him to sleep.  It was one of the highlights of my day.  No, not because he was going to bed, but because I got to spend that little extra time with him as he fell asleep.

There came a day, which I knew would happen, he didn't want to rock or sing. He just wanted to go in his bed.  Then it became, read stories and say goodnight.  I began to miss the rocking and singing.  Then one day, after about four months of having a brother, he asked to rock again.  I think he need that time just as much as I did.

For awhile we would just rock.  Then, he began to ask me to sing.  The songs have evolved.  It used to be requests for songs he knew.  Now, its topics to sing about.  He tells me what to sing about, I put it to a tune.  Every now and then we go back to some of the originals I used to sing to him when he was really little.  I think it is on those days he needs it the most (and so do I).  He needs that little extra mom time.

The other days, it's just a part of the routine. Most nights, that is how we end the day.  More and more though, he spends it talking with a few songs scattered throughout.  But at the end of the day, he still wants to curl up, all four feet tall of him into my lap, snuggle, and rock.

At first, with A, it was we would just get him to sleep.  Then after some time, I began the rocking and singing.  He never really seemed interested in the rocking and singing at first.  I would get through one song if I was lucky.  But lately, for the past several months, for naps and bedtime we rock and sing.  I think he likes it as a transition.  Some days we get through three songs, other days, one or most of one.  Either way, it's a little extra snuggle time.  A little bit longer I get to hold my baby in my arms.  Because all too soon, he won't want to do it any more and all too soon he will be too big.

Over the past few nights as we've rocked and sang, I begin to let my mind wonder a little.  I close my eyes and remember when I was little, sitting in the rocking chair in the living room with my dad rocking and singing "hush little baby".  I don't remember how often we did that or how long it lasted. I just remember being curled up on his lap and listening to him sing.

It might be why I enjoy it so much with my kiddos.  It's a calming way to end the day out.  Maybe one day, if they have kids of their own, they will rock and sing too.

So if your kiddo asks to rock, take the few minutes to pause and rock.  Even if you don't want to sing, or read or talk.  Just take the moment to sit and rock with them in your arms.  It is a moment neither of you will forget.  It is a moment that both of you need.

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