Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thunderstorms of Life

 So how does a picture of a van have to do with a thunderstorm?  Keep reading to find out.

This post comes after being woken at 4 am to help settle my oldest as a thunderstorm rolled through. Fortunately, he fell back asleep and fortunately, my youngest slept through.  But that left me awake, trying to go back to sleep.  Once I got up and ready for the day, I sat on the edge of my bed thinking.

Thunderstorms.  I don't mind them during the day, but at night, I don't like them.  Never have.  So I get my son's aversion to them as well.  But it made me think more, more about the thunderstorms of life.  We all go through them, both weather wise and life wise. Life has a way of bringing them into the day.

No matter where you are; on vacations, at playgrounds, out on adventures, and more, they show up.  In fact, I have been working on some posts about our recent road trip.  But life has a funny way of sticking things into your life that you need to write about in the moment.  Well, that is where today's post comes from.  It started with the weather, but ended with me thinking on our most recent thunderstorm in our life.

Nothing major, just inconvenient.  You see, the day after we got back from our vacation, my car began to have the high temp light come on.  No biggie, checked the fluid, added some, and things went back to normal.  Drove fine the rest of the week.  That is, until the weekend.  We decided to go strawberry picking.  Didn't get more than five minutes from the house when the light came on, stayed on, and I couldn't accelerate anymore. 

Again, no biggie, just inconvenient.  We pulled off, let things cool down, watched a few videos and came to the conclusion that the temperature gauge needed to be replaced and it was something we could do.  So, home we went, swapped cars and seats around and headed out for the morning.  The next day, we picked up the part and my hubby worked on making the fix.  Seemed to drive fine again that night.

The next day came, hubby took it to work and didn't make it more than 15 minutes out before coming back home.  Now, this was becoming more of an issue.  Now we had to get it in, be down to one car, and explain to the kids why plans changed.  Most of what we did was met with flexibility, as  we figured we would get the car back by the end of the day.

So, hubby headed to work and the kids and I headed outside.  We went for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then the car repair place called.  Bad news, head gasket.  Worse news, could need a whole new engine.  Now, we are left with what to do.  Fix it, hope it lasts or with it being a 2004 vehicle do we just replace it.  If we fixed it, we would be out one vehicle for at least a week.

My oldest's concern was how were we going to get to see our friends and visit playgrounds with them.  My concern was, no vehicle for a week and we had things to do.  But also, which route do we go.

Well, by 9 that night, there was a new to us van sitting in the driveway, kids were asleep and I was picking up the old van from the repair place.  Now, what do we do with the old one? We wanted to try to get something for it.  So, the next day I spent my time calling salvage companies to find someone who would take it.  Found one to pick it up Friday.

We weathered the thunderstorm.  Now, we could look at it several ways.  No, it wasn't major, but it still added a storm to our life.  Storms come in all sizes, this one happened to be a smaller one.

Now that it is all done.  The old van has been picked up.  I am getting used to the new one.  The emotions have settled a bit.  I am thinking.

I am sad.  Yes, sad over a van.  Why?  Because I wasn't expecting this, wasn't ready (we only had it four years), and I liked the van I had.

My oldest told me, "mom, it's okay to be sad.  It's a different color, that is okay.  But it works better than the old one.  This one is good."  Wise words from a four year.

But I also look at how it all came together.  Timing wise, in our mind, not great as it was unexpected.  However, when we look at it.  We were home.  We had just gotten back from a trip out to Ohio the day before the initial problems started.  At least we were close to home.  We were able to find a new one the same day we found out that my old one wasn't worth fixing.

It is odd how it all came together.  The sales guy had said there was an appointment before us, but they canceled.  It was the same people who had looked at it a few days before.  This new one has all that my other did, plus a few upgrades.  There are a lot of things that are better or work better, and everyone seems happier with it overall.

But going even deeper, I look at the blessing of having the finances to buy it.  My hubby, has been not only working a 40 hour a week day job, but also has a side job in sales through his own website and backyard life gear, as well as on Amazon for several years.  It is because of this we were able to pay cash for the vehicle.

It is almost like God had put into place all these pieces of the puzzle and carefully placed the timing of the thunderstorm.

Life has an unusual way of working sometimes.  We ride the thunderstorms as they come.  No matter how big or small the storm, we make it through.

The picture at the top is a picture of my old van.  The picture below, is my new one.  So how does a picture of a van relate to a thunderstorm?  Well, because our van change out was a thunderstorm in this thing we call life.

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