Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Fun ~ Corn Pit

As the seasons switch from Summer to Fall, the air gets a little cooler, the leaves begin to change colors we get the chance to do some of our favorite Fall activities.

A couple of years ago I learned about a corn pit.  If you are unfamiliar (like I was...we never went to one growing up, so it was a new idea to me), a corn pit is an area with boards around it and filled with dried corn.

The one we go to is a smaller one compared to others in the area.  They use part of the green house, make a board frame, and fill it up with corn.  Then they add in a climber and slides, as well as toys to scoop the corn and play in it.

We have been going to Country Sun Farms.  Some of our friends invited us along, for our first time, just before A was born.  T had so much fun, not just in corn pit, but with the other things they have to do.  So, we have been going back each year, almost weekly once it is open.  Last year A enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as this year now that he can move around and use the slides too.

We have only gone during the week, so we haven't explored all the areas yet.  Here is what they have to offer:
  • A petting farm, which is free unless you decide to feed the animals.
  • Tractors to climb on and pretend ride.  One is pulling a trailer of pumpkins, which is fun to sit on, climb on, and a great photo opp too.
  • Outside mining area. You can buy a bag of dirt and sift through it to see what kind of cool rocks and gems you can find.  
  • Corn maze, silly string area, hay rides
  • Inside the green house: pumpkins, gourds, decor, rides, food, inside mining area
When we get there we explore say "hi" and "good morning" to the animals and explore the tractors.  Then we head inside, pick out a few gourds and spend the rest of the time in the corn pit until we leave for nap time.

We may be finding corn around the house for the months to come, but the kiddos have a blast.  And you know what, so do I.  This year, finally after two years of going, we got to take Daddy with.  I think he enjoyed it too!  It doesn't matter the age of the kiddos, they will still have fun exploring.


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