Thursday, December 21, 2017

Reindeer Food Ready to Go

Reindeer food ~ Because Santa gets cookies so why shouldn't the reindeer get a snack while they wait and Rudolph get something extra to help that nose stay red.

A few years back a good mom friend introduced us to the idea of reindeer food.  The kids put it together in a zip baggy and took it home after we had a little Christmas party with our friends.

At the time, I had just had my youngest.  I was thankful for the time with moms, the time T got with his friends, and some fun projects along the way.

What is reindeer food? You take oatmeal, glitter, and one red hot and put it in a bag.

Why? The oatmeal is for a snack, the glitter is to get their attention, and the red hot is for Rudolph's nose to keep it glowing bright red.

The best was yet to come.  It was the cutest thing to watch T take his bag outside on Christmas Eve and spread out the food around the front yard for the deer.  He had the biggest smile on his face.

This year we gathered the supplies to make it and come to find out, we couldn't find one of the ingredients.  But a quick chat, we came up with alternatives.  M&Ms would have to do the trick and plus the kids enjoyed "sneaking a few" as we put the jars together.

A few things I have learned from doing this now for a few years:
  • Don't use fine is a huge mess
  • Find a container they can dump it from or shake it from, that way the glitter doesn't get stuck on their hands.  This year we bought cheap salt and pepper shakes, taped off the holes, and filled.  I figure we can take the lids off and they can dump it out in different areas around the yard.
  • Be ready to explain why there is some left.  We said that they only needed a snack to make it to the next house where they would get more
Now our containers sit on the counter ready to go for Christmas Eve.

It's a fun little thing we have been doing and T looks forward to it.  A, well, maybe next year he will have a better understanding of it all.

What fun traditions do you have with your family?

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