Thursday, January 4, 2018

Closing Out the Day ~ Setting Up an Evening Routine

With every good morning routine and quiet time, there goes an evening/bedtime routine and quiet time.  The two together round out the day and can even make sleep easier and better quality.

Just with rising at the same time most mornings, going to bed at the same time most nights is just as important if not more.  Having a consistent bedtime, makes getting up in the morning easier (and easier at the same time), sets your day up, and also can end in better overall sleep quality usually.

I put as much focus into my evening and bedtime routine as I did into my morning one.  Going through the "Rise & Shine ~ 10 Challenge" from Shawn at Abundant Mama helped to guide me through creating this important routine too.

After the kids go to bed, I do a final walk around and pick up.  I do any prep needed for the next day and catch up on emails and social media.  I try most nights to set aside technology an hour (roughly) before I plan to go to bed.  Though I will admit, most nights I do end up watching some t.v up until bed time.  I just try to limit my multitasking.  After emails and social media are done, I work through my Gratitude Journal, (This year) the Happiness Project Book, and then read my current book. 

Head to bed, pray before I fall asleep, and hopefully fall asleep quickly.  If I can't fall asleep, I close my eyes and start listing off the blessings in my life.  Then I usually drift off to sleep and if the kids sleep well, generally so do I.

I have found that I need the quiet time to start the day and to end the day. 

How do you end the day?

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