Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 Word & Phrase

Every year since 2011, I decide on my word and/phrase for the year.  I don't do resolutions only because I am always setting goals and the mini goals I need to complete to get there.  Once I complete a goal, I build on it and make a new one.

But why a word? Or phrase?  What is the significance of it?  How do I pick my word/phrase?

Why a word or phrase?  Well, because so often resolutions end up being about what one is giving up and they don't seem to last or have much follow through, especially after we get through January.  They often get forgotten about, we loose track of them, push them to the back burner for a later time and we don't come back to them or we make them just because without putting much thought into them.

What is the significance of it? Back in the Fall of 2011 I was blessed to be able to take part in Illuminate by Beryl Young.  It was an online class that helped us walk through our grief of pregnancy loss using a camera and journaling.  We would receive assignments to work through each week and could connect through a facebook group.  There just a few of us in that group that time around and I am still connected with them today.  We created a bond and connection in those weeks.  At the end of the class our last assignment was just before Christmas.  It was a challenge to come up a with a word for the next year.  A word that would could turn to to help carry us through the year, lift us up, and encourage us (especially on the tough days).

One word or a simple short phrase is easier to remember.  It brings more meaning, connection, and strength.  As well as hope, comfort, calm.  It can truly carry you through the year.

How do I pick my word/phrase?  Well, to be honest, some years it has been easier than others.  Sometimes it comes to me in the weeks leading up to the next year and yet other times it takes me nearly the whole current year to come up with a word.

As simple as it seems, the word has a lot of power to it and a lot of impact.  I try to just let things come to me about it and observe.  Some years I have done word guiding to help me in a direction and other times what life has been showing me helps me decide.  A lot of reflecting, a lot of thinking ahead, and a lot of time with God helps to bring it all together,

Sometimes the word just kind of shows up on my doorstep.  That is what happened this year.  My word for this year is brave.  Some of the steps I have taken in 2017 I have taken me out of my comfort zone and going forward I am finding I need a different kind of courage.

Go ahead and set some goals, but make them practical and achievable.  Make them have significance and help you get closer to your end goal.

I encourage you to find a word or phrase that will carry you through the whole year.  Goals are meant to be accomplished, refreshed, and built upon.  A word or phrase is something that can bring you hope, calm, comfort, strength, and more.

As 2018 begins: take a moment to think back, take a moment to look forward, and take a moment to look at the now.  What is it that you need to help carry you through? Use that as your word to take you through this new year.

Happy New Year!  I hope you all have a year filled with blessings and lessons, family and friends, challenges and successes, play and growing your knowledge.  

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