Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our Strengths vs. Our Weaknesses

Let's talk about strengths.

Do you know what your greatest strength is?  Could you list off your top three strengths?

On the flip side...weaknesses.

Do you know what your greatest weakness is? 

Let's go a little deeper.

Looking at each of your children:

Can you list their top three strengths?  Can you identify a weakness of theirs?

If I am asking for you to answer those questions, I need to turn the questions on to me to be fair.

My strengths: compassion, creative eye,

My weakness: I am very hard on myself

T: creative, imaginative, observant/has a hard time using words first instead of actions

A: strong, determined, helper/he is two, he gets stubborn sometimes

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses within ourselves can help us to learn more about who we are and our tendencies.  It helps to grow and helps to understand deeper.  If we focus for too long on one end or the other it can leave us feeling unbalanced.

As it goes with our kids.  If we focus on their weaknesses, they never continue to build on where their strengths are.  They won't be nurtured deeper.  But, if we only focus on their strengths, they don't learn to identify it, how to handle their weakness in a suitable way, to understand failure is a part of life and it is okay.

We can't all be good at everything all the time.  And we can't all be good at the same things.  Our strengths and weaknesses do define us to one degree or another.  But they also shouldn't limit us either.  We need to know where we are strongest and be able to identify where we are weakest.  Because through our strength we can help others and fill in where they are weakest.  On the flip side, through our weaknesses, we can gain help from others who are stronger in the area.

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