Monday, February 5, 2018

Letter of the Week ~ D

Recognize upper and lower case letter
  • Color sheet with the lower case letter on it (my oldest knows all the letters in their Capital form)
  • Letter Hunt: Throughout the week search for the letter of the week
  • Word Hunt: How many words can you come up with that start with the letter of the week? What around you starts with the letter of the week?
  • Where can you go that starts with the letter of the week?
    • We had a really cold snap in temperature and the kids didn't want to go anywhere, so we just turned on some music and danced around
  • Dinosaur Scene: My oldest got a giant bucket full of craft supplies for Christmas and there were foam dinosaur stickers in it.  So he used the stickers and then added some more details.

    You can see more curriculum ideas on my post about our 2017/2018 curriculum by Clicking Here.

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