Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Been a Bit Too Long

Hi All!

It's Spring here in Minnesota and has been for about a week.  But now it is starting to feel more like it.  The robins have returned, the weather says 50 this weekend, if there isn't mud and puddles everywhere it is potholes. 

It is a great time of year!

I know I have been a bit M.I.A. for the past few months.  I have lots of ideas to write on, but when I could get my fingers to the keys the time had passed by too far.  Generally, I try to write what is currently going on, going through, etc.  So, if too much time goes by, I don't write it out.

Lots has happened behind the scenes and lots to share. 

My homeschool letter of the week lessons have been posting as I decided to write out the ones to come yet and catch up on the ones I missed.  I realized I put too much weight into trying to get something letter of the week posted about.  We still are doing letter of the week, but it doesn't always involve an art project or an activity or adventure.  It was great, in theory, when I came up with the lesson ideas back in September.  But as the year went by, I realized that even my art loving kiddo, didn't enjoy doing a letter of the week art project.  Nor did we know what to do with them all when done (times 2 projects, if my youngest decided to join in).  We have now look at what the letter focus is and just utilize learning about it throughout the week.  It is a great car ride activity to play I Spy using specific things that start with the letter or even just see how many words we can think of.  For now, it works and it works best for where we are at. 

I have recently finished a class, Abundant Mama Program, which has left me with a lot more to share about, along with some ideas for others to try out.  It was a great, much needed, self care, perspective changer for me.

Some of you know about my previous blog, My Infant Loss.  As the website is coming due for renewal I have begun to take a different phase and direction with it.  I am laying it down, as a stepping stone of sorts, and taking the next step on this journey.  It has been moved over to www.myinfantloss.wordpress.com, for now at least.  I have no plans on adding anything more to it going forward.  I will also be closing down the Facebook group that goes along with it.

In the next weeks I am going to be posting fun things, creative projects, changes, happenings in the moment, digging in deep and tugging at the heart a little, and connecting with the moment.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you continue on this journey along with me!

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