Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mom ~ A Mix of Motherhood and Love

When the quiet is defining and you get lost in your thoughts, listening to your heart and your inner you...

My youngest, still asleep. My oldest, playing in his room.

I stand in relative quiet in the kitchen. The only sounds I can hear...the fridge, the clock, the birds, and the cars

Outside is snowing

I listen and watch the birds

Looking around the house are pops of Spring color.

I get to thinking and listening to my heart...

I am a mom...motherhood is hard, messy, and imperfect, but has a lot of fun, adventure, and wonderful moments too.  My personality has a hard time with the messy and imperfect side of things.

Through it all, I still love my kids and I wouldn't trade what I have for anything.  I am blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos.  To watch them grow, to learn, to be the awesome kids that they are.

A friend of mine once said, "there are two parts to being a mom...Motherhood and the love for your kids".  You can watch her video on it over on YouTube at

Here's my take away from it and what got me thinking more on this whole parenting thing.

Your love for you kids will never, ever change.  No matter how tough things get, no matter their age, no matter the life season you are will not change the love you have for your kids.

Motherhood~ all the ups, downs, and in-between, the good days the tough days, the simple days the busy days, the positive behaviors the negative, the successes and wins, the mistakes and failures, the discipline, the smiles the tears ~ all of that and more ~ the day to day.

Two parts with an easy line in between that gets blurred sometimes, especially when you add in emotions, energy, sleep (or lack there of), and more. We moms know that we love our kids and we know that sometimes we don't like parts of motherhood.  Though, most of us will not say anything about the parts we don't like. On the surface it feels like if there is some aspect of motherhood we dislike than it is a reflection on our love for our kids.  But deep down and in reality, that is not the case.  Motherhood and our love for our kids can be separated into two parts.  And it is okay to not like motherhood at times sometimes.

We love our kids.  We always have, always will, always do.  We may not love some of their choices, behaviors, aspects of motherhood, but our love for our kids will still be there.  If we can find a way to recognize these two pieces of being a mom, we can attempt to separate them into the areas they are for what they are. 

Easy?  No, not always.  But with time and practice, we can begin to recognize the difference.  We can learn to accept that motherhood isn't always something that we like, but through it all we love our kids.   Our love remains strong, we learn more about our kids, and we can connect more deeply.  But also we can lay down some of the weight on our shoulders.

Life is messy and imperfect.  There are going to be days that run smoothly and days that run rough, and days that run somewhere in between.  We may not like some parts of motherhood some days, but love it later or look back on it fondly or accept it as something we don't like.  And that is okay.  All of it.

Through it all, we love our children for who they are and who they are becoming.  They are forever a part of us, no matter how old they are.

You got this mama!

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