Friday, April 20, 2018

Letter of the Week ~ V

Recognize upper and lower case letter
  • Color sheet with the lower case letter on it (my oldest knows all the letters in their Capital form)
  • Letter Hunt: Throughout the week search for the letter of the week
  • Word Hunt: How many words can you come up with that start with the letter of the week? What around you starts with the letter of the week?
  • Where can you go that starts with the letter of the week?
    • Vacation!  I add this because even if it's a stay-cation, you can still create a mini vacation.  I also know that it's Spring Break time and people are traveling more.
    • Visit someplace new
  • Volcano
    • Cut out brown bottom part of volcano from paper
    • Add lava colors out the top and down the sides...for added fun, use glue and add glitter or glitter glue
    • Using cotton balls blue above to look like cloud of smoke
You can see more curriculum ideas on my post about our 2017/2018 curriculum by Clicking Here.

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