Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cute Rock Cacti

I found this fun idea to make a cactus from a rock on one of the pages I follow on Facebook.  As soon as I showed my kids they were all in and had rocks in mind they wanted to use.  And besides, who doesn't like to paint.

They started by painting their rocks with acrylic paints.  Once dry we added a few white lines and some google eyes, as well as a smile.  We put foam circles in the bottom of the flower pot to fill some of the space and give the cactus rock something to sit on.  Then we filled with some rocks we found that we liked, but you could fill with sand or an idea of your own.  Then I took E600 transparent glue and coated all the rocks and filled in any open areas.  After it dried, I sprayed the cactus rock with an outdoor spray sealant. 

We place two of them outside on our porch and the other two are inside.

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