Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Handprint Garden

My kids love to be creative.  Sometimes they grab supplies and just go.  Other times I have a project in mind to try to make with them.  Some of the projects I pick because it saves the moment in time.  I love seeing hand print and footprint art, especially over time.  You get to see how much they have grown.

This canvas idea was fairly simple to put together.  But I will admit, I had my hubby help with my youngest to help make it go more smoothly.  He was still pretty little to do this on his own like my oldest, so we tag teamed to make it go quicker with less mess.

You can do this in any size that works for you.  You can add as many or as few flowers as you want.  I added a few extra bug details and some grass to finish off the flowers after adding stems and leaves.  My kids enjoyed painting their hands and creating the flower buds of the garden.

You can use paint on the hands to make the hand print or washable ink pads work too.

We even made one as a gift to give.  Every Spring it comes out as part of our decor adding some bright pops of color in the room.  I love it!

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