Thursday, June 7, 2018

Making More of My Morning Ritual

 I have been working on finding a morning ritual that works well with the season I am in.  One that allows me to dig in deeper, connect with God, and carry with me through the day.  Something that works with my own natural flow and rhythm.

My morning ritual is something that I want to keep simple, can let it take 5 minutes or 15 or more depending how much time I have, and can travel with me easily.

So what is a morning ritual?  It is time set aside in the morning, during the quiet and a way to set yourself for the day. 

Do you have morning ritual?  What is?  What have you found to work?  Not work?  If you don't have a morning ritual, have you thought of creating one? 

My morning ritual involves the items in my butterfly box.  I have the current devotion that I working through, a bible, journal, simple clarity cards, and post it notes. 
  • My current devotional is "Ponder the Path", a 30 devotional that works you through Proverbs, has a personal story to relate to a verse within that days Proverbs, and space to write notes.  
  • The journal is simply that, a journal.  A place for me to write out my thoughts from the devotional or any other thoughts. 
  • The bible is so I can read the whole proverb for the day.
  • The simple clarity cards are cards that I learn to make through Abundant Mama & Peace Circle.  They have one word on them to be used as a focus word for the day, intention, or even something to help open your mind & heart.  They have a picture on them as well that brings that feeling of the word to life.  I have been picking a new one each day.
  • Post it notes are just for me to write down other things going on my mind so I can focus my attention to the morning ritual time.  I write down the to list of things for the day.
You can make this time whatever you want.  Fill it with the things that fill you up for the day, the things that boost your energy, the things that get you ready for the day...make it your own.  I know it will change over time, it will change when I finish this devotion, of if a more pressing need or priority comes up it will be there to fall back on.

The morning ritual is just a part of my morning routine. But that small part has helped me grow, dig deep, and feel more ready for the day.  The thing that I like about my morning ritual is that it is something that even if the kids are awake, we are on vacation, or everyone is still asleep I can still have those 5 or 10 minutes.  My kiddos will hopefully learn from it too.

What can you do today to build a morning ritual?

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