Thursday, August 16, 2018

Find Your Groove

 Sometimes you just gotta find your groove.

That picture on the top of the post, that is me, mid workout, getting my groove on dancing to get some good cardio in for the day.

When you dance, you find your groove, your rhythm.  But that groove, that rhytum is something that you can take throughout your day, throughout all seasons of life, throughout all your roles and tasks.

It isn't always easy to find your own groove, to make the change, to step out.  Sometimes we are given opporutnities that we set aside because it doesn't seem like now is the right time, or it would be ideal in another year from now, or we just don't feel ready.

But what if we step, even if we aren't ready?  What if we follow our own rhythm?  Our own groove?

Maybe that job offer that is a good opportunity is the right choice right now, despite being sooner than you thought.  Maybe dancing is the best cardio workout for you because it releases stress and makes you feel good.  Maybe that home business you started, is ready for you to step fully into it as your full time job.  Maybe you fall flat on your face trying, but you still get up.  Maybe what you are doing is different, not normal, but you know what, that is okay.

You are finding your groove.

What is your groove?  Where do you need to find your groove?

Take that step.  Say yes.  Give it your best.  Step out of your comfort zone. 

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