Friday, August 3, 2018

Health, Fitenss, Diet ~ Where to Begin, Where to Head

We all have a journey when it comes to this topic.  We all have a story to share.  I will be honest, when I first decided to write on this topic, I dug my heals in.  I wasn't ready to write on it.

For many reasons and an excuse here or there, I didn't think at first I had anything to offer up by sharing my story, my journey.  But then I was reminded that by sharing my story, my journey, someone else out there might be able to relate.  They might be able to find their footing again and might give them the courage or inspiration or motivation to start their journey too.  Where ever it may lead, even if different from mine.

Like I said, we all have a journey.  We may cross paths with others on a similar one through out it, but we all have differences too.  Where I start might be different than you.  How you track your progress might be different.  Your goals might be different than mine.  We might be starting at different levels, different lifestyles, different body shapes.  How I gain and loose weight may not be the same as you.

But through it all, there are some things that are the same.  Through this journey I will share those things I learned about health, fitness, and diet that affect us all and I will also share from my journey what I have faced, done, where I have succeeded and failed.

The important thing in this all is to start where you are.  Your end goal look and feel can be a part of your driving force and can be what fits with you, your habits, and your body.

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