Friday, August 24, 2018

Health, Fitness, & Diet ~ Working Out

Have you heard the saying about health that "What you eat makes up 80% of you and your results, 20% is working out"?

Both make a big different in your health.  Both make a big difference in reaching your goals and maintaining your results. 

One thing is for sure, you can't only rely on one.  You need to be intentional about both.  In a later post I will talk more about diet, and by diet I mean the food you eat, not going on a diet or which diet plan is better.

For now, it is about working out.  Get up and move.  Set a schedule, make it routine, let become a habit.

Working out can be anything from walking, to yoga, to HIIT to running.  Low impact, high impact.  Body weight only or weights, even if they are in the form of filled bottles of water or cans.  At home, or outside or in a gym or even while traveling.  Free or have a cost.

Whatever you decided to do, do what makes you smile, feel better, challenge you, something that you can keep going.  Keep on moving.

Start it simple, start walking.  Each day, go for a walk.  Increase the distance you go and increase the minutes. 

Just start.  Even if it is only 5 minutes at first and you work your way longer.  Just take that step.

Find the workout style that works for you, where you are at, where you want to head, and works for your body.

If you haven't worked out much, starting with HIIT or running 5 miles may not be the best route to go.  Think of the tortoise and the hare.  Do what you can do that will keep you going, not burn you out right away.  Even the littlest changes will begin to add up.  Just be patient with it.

And you know what?  It's okay to take breaks.  In the middle of a workout.  Or from working out altogether.  Make sure to come back to what you were doing or change it up of it needed.  But just come back to it.  As always, check in with your doctor as well to see if things are good to go.

There are so many different types of workouts out there.  Sometimes you just need to try a few to see what fits your style.  You also need to find when the best time to get it in works for you best.  Some people find it best to workout in the morning first thing, but then there is midday, evening, or really anywhere in between.

And remember, you can make anything into a workout.  Have to do some cleaning?  Crank up the tunes, move and groove while you clean.  Mowing the lawn, gardening, chasing the kids in the front yard.  Pretending you are a crane lifting and moving your kiddos.  Workouts come in all shapes and sizes.  It can be 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, or a 30 minute solid all at once, or anywhere in between.

True, you can workout for hours at t time, but you don't have to in order to see results.  Even 15 minutes a day can make changes in the long term.

Here is what I learned from adding in workouts.  I need to change it up every so often.  I don't do well first thing in the morning working out.  I can put more my all into a good solid workout if I wait until later morning or early afternoon.  I use things like playing with the kids, walks, adventures out and about as add ons to workout schedule now.  I do better if I have it scheduled.  I have done enough different style of workouts that I can combine moves into a workout on my own without needing to follow a video, but I still do enjoy a good workout video.  I can do HIIT, but I don't like it.  You need a cardio bases activity at least 3 times a week: I schedule three days of cardio, but find I end up with five days most weeks.  I like to have focus areas each day of the three scheduled cardio days, ie: arms, legs, core, the areas I want to tone.

I didn't learn any of that until I worked my way through.  I started focusing on exercise after I was cleared from the doctor after my youngest was born.  I eased into.  Now, I workout in a different way.  I have found what I like and what works for me. 

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my for sure workout days.  I do at least 10 minutes of cardio by dancing to my favorite music.  But, I usually end up going for about 15 because I find I enjoy it.  Then, on Mondays I do some leg exercises, Wednesdays is core and back, Fridays are arms.  I do a compilation of exercise moves I have learned that helps focus on those areas to strengthen and tone. 

Though it is not set in stone, I do sometimes end up moving one of the focus areas to a different day depending on how things are going.  I try to use Tuesday as yoga days and Thursdays as extra long stretch day.  Weekends I take off.  If I am on vacations I don't always workout.  I try to keep things with my own natural flow and rhythm.

There are a few go to workout videos I use.  I started with Fitness Blender.  Love their stuff!  There are so many options.  You can use their free workouts, or buy programs.  They have everything from warm ups to cool downs, low impact to high, 5 minutes to 60 minutes, strength and toning, cardio and HIIT, Pilate's and yoga, stretching, no equipment to various equipment pieces, and so much more.  You can pick the length of time, the focus area, what equipment you want to use and more to get you moving. 

Betty Rocker free 30 day program is another great one.  She sends your email with the workout for the day the morning of.  She has a variety of styles used, focus areas, and rest days included. 

My last favorite is Fit Mama Program by Melinda Pedersen.  They are 12 minute long videos.  She sets it up as 2 different plans to follow for three weeks.  You just click on the day you are on and it takes you to a YouTube video. She covers all focus areas and abilities too.

I have done all of these at different times over the past almost 3 years.  I have repeated them and I have also used pieces from all to plan out my own schedule. 

Of course, there were some stretches in there where I took time months off.  But I always got back to it.  When you keep at it, it becomes a part of your routine and you will find the time to fit it in.  But I also know that when you take time off, it does become easy to, overtime, keep pushing it off and finding excuses.

You just need to decide where your priorities are.  If you want getting exercise in to be a priority, you will find the time to get something done.  Also, set some realistic goals to help guide you through.  They help challenge you and help you keep motivated.  But they also give you something to go back to if you need to reset.  It does help to have someone who can help keep you accountable.  They can give you encouragement, inspiration, and check in with you to keep you moving.

No matter which way you decide to workout, find an exercise you enjoy.  Just keep moving.

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