Thursday, August 30, 2018

Open Your Clamshell ~ Let Yourself Emerge

I want you to take a moment and picture a clam.  What color is your shell?  Are you hiding a pearl inside?  Are you a small clam?  Or big?  Or somewhere in between?

Our lives are a lot like a clam shell.  Daily life, the ups and downs, cause us to begin to put on armor.  This armor helps us feel ready for battle.  Gives us a place to hide away, to blend in.

Do you put on armor?  What does your armor look like?  Sometimes, we use the armor to shrink away, take up less space; causing us to loose ourselves, a sense of who we are, where we are headed.  We become a clam shell that is closed so tightly, protecting what is inside.

What if we let go a little?  Loosened our armor, took up more space?  What if we let ourselves truly radiate and emerge?

Have you ever tried to open a clam shell?  Or watched someone do it?

I have not personally attempted cracking into a clam shell, but I have watched it attempted many times.  Even the most acclaimed chefs and clam harvesters have a hard time sometimes.

It takes a special tool, muscle, lining things up right, and a whole lot of persistence, but also caution - need to watch your fingers and don't want to ruin the delicious edible part.

Once finally cracked open with success, we find, sometimes, the beauty of what a speck of dirt can turn into - a pearl - or at the very least a delicious meal.

You, you are that pearl.  Hidden away sometimes, surrounded by armor.

You have to open up, lay it out, let it go.  Is it easy to do?  Not always, but the end result is something magical really.

Why?  Because as you take down that armor piece by piece you being to emerge.  You begin to take up space, grow confident in being heard, being seen.  And that is okay.

It is hard and sometimes we need to dig down deep.  But as you dig, you plant your roots.  Those roots will get stronger and then provide a sense of grounding.  This spot, this space, remember it.  Because when things get tough again, you can always come back to this space, this grounding and start again.

Are you going to grow and have success?  You bet.  Are you going to fall, fail, make mistakes?  Most definitely.  Offer yourself extra grace during this.  And then try again.

With time, intention, mistakes, growth, and change your armor will get totally laid down.  You will be able to totally open up.  Totally emerge. Totally radiate.

Recently I was given the idea to create an Emerging Manifesto.  A simple form, but can go as deep as you want.  And can also relate to any theme you put it to.  Start with an I am statement, then I will, I vow, I invite, and end with another I am statement (same as you started or a different one).  Instead of looking at where you are now with it, like a closed clam shell, open your shell.  Let yourself write on where you are going to be when you emerge.

I will share mine below.  But first, I want you to remember something.  It is okay to take up space, to emerge, to be you.  You know that phrase, "Bloom where you are planted"?  It is kind of cliche in some ways, but it is true, especially in the sense of emerging.  Watch a high speed video of a flower growing and then blooming.  It is truly an amazing thing.

Opening up, laying down that armor, you begin to emerge in every sense.  Let yourself free.

My Emerging Manifest
I am Confident in who I am, where I am going, and I am enough
I will Let my true self ~ Inside & Out ~ Radiate
I vow To Stand Strong, knowing that in order to take up space I will be seen, I will be heard, I will Bloom
I invite Patience to guide me, grow my calm, space for grace, and solid grounding to return to when I am off balance
I am Vibrant, full of life, full of energy, and handcrafted

*Clam shell photo was found on google search from Wikipedia*

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