Thursday, August 9, 2018

Professionalizing Motherhood

Yup, why not?  Why can't being a mom be your, our, my profession?

I recently finished a great book by Jill Savage "Professionalizing Motherhood".  She is an author of several great books filled with inspiration, wisdom, perspective changes, and really gets you thinking.  She is an author, a speaker, and a blogger.  I have read most of her books she has out and the ones I haven't read are on my list of to read.

Through the book we learn that we just feel inadequacies as a mom, as a parent, and just on the journey of motherhood in all stages sometimes.  It is one of those things where try as we may, wish as we might, there really is no manually that comes with being a parent. 

We make mistakes, we have many fails, we ask for forgiveness.  We yell, we laugh, we cry, we just plain shake our heads.  We want to make our house a home, not loose sight of ourselves, and want to be sure to be enough.

When you look at all other areas of jobs, there is a training period.  As a parent, you are just kind of tossed in the role.  You move up and get promoted when kids change age and change seasons.  But it truly is a job that you never have enough training for, is ever changing, and is always there.

At some point, it feels, like society began to look down on woman who decided to stay home.  But staying home is an important job in our society in raising our kids. 

Staying home and raising kids is not an easy job and it is by no means taking the easy route.  You are on call 24/7 365 days a year, for at least 18 years.  Then your role changes as your kiddos begin to go off and create lives on their own.

Why not consider motherhood a profession?  If you think about it, if you look at certain tasks at hand as being a part of the job, they begin to take the monotony out it.  I know, doing laundry is boring and so is dishes, dealing with the same behavior that irritates you day in and day out takes its toll. 

But hear me out.  If you weave those tasks into daily living, along with teaching and guiding kiddos, and managing bits of self care things begin to change perspective a little.

I know, it doesn't pay in money.  Sometimes the rewards of the seeds sown don't show until weeks, months, even years down the road and we can't always see past the end of this rough patch of behavior, we can still consider it a job.  You are not just a mom. 

Take a look at the book.  It is an easy read, a quick read, with a lot of great insight and personal stories.  It does weave god and faith in to parts of here and there, but even if that is not something you follow, you can still get some great insight from the book.

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