Sunday, August 12, 2018

Space ~ Taking the Space You Need, Emerging, & Being You

~This post was inspired by the recent work and theme that August is bringing in the Peace Circle group that I am in: Yes to Emerging, combined with a recent conversation I had with a good friend about finding your space, your grounding in this current season of life. ~

Space ~ giving space, asking for space, taking up space, personal space, outer space

Such a small word can have such a profound impact.

We teach our kids about personal space and the boundaries that go with that, making sure they ask to give a hug or fives, etc.  I used to use a hula hoop in my classroom to teach kids about the idea of personal space.  We learn to recognize space for what it is and what we need.

However as time goes by and we get older, sometimes we begin to forget about ourselves in relation to the space we need and loose sight of ourselves as who we are.  Not who we were, but who we are.  Right now, right here, in this moment, who we truly are.

We all take up space.  That amount of space varies upon where we are in our lives, what need and want, what our heart is telling us, what our emotions are saying, what our inner voice is saying.

Do we try to lay down, open up, and let go of the control to let in the space we need?  Nope, not always.  Sometimes we still try to do it all without laying any thing down, or asking for help, or by letting all the "shoulds" (even they ones we know don't fit anymore) dictate, or over complicating things instead of just simplifying, or letting our own fear or anxiety interfere.  

I have been there.  Feeling lost as I added in new roles and not sure about, well about much of anything.  Letting fear, anxiety, guilt, worry all wash over me, letting the negative inner self talk cycle take over.  I have rarely felt I had a good understanding of who I was just as Liz.  So adding in new roles like wife, mom of an angel baby, mom of one kid, mom of two kids  all while still trying to figure out me, what I wanted to do, what I enjoyed.

I am just beginning to let myself take up the space I need, or deserve.  Letting go of as many of the "shoulds" as I can that just don't fit with me, where I am at at this moment, where I want to head, that don't fit with my family.  Lightening the load, so I can, well so I can lighten up.  Simplify where I can, set up schedules that fit with our flow, and just let me be me.  Adding in the things that make me feel grounded, that help me thrive so that I can offer the same for those around me.  Facing the truths, adjusting perspectives, changing habits to find a better balance.

Where in your life do you need space?  Think on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  Mind, body, spirit.  Where do you need space?  What does that space need to look like?  Feel like?  What do you need to do, want to do to fill that space?

Let your you, you true you emerge.  Let yourself find the grounding through the roots you create, feel the strength of your stem structure, and blossom.

You can blossom where ever you are in your life, just like this flower in the crack along the gutter in the street.

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