Thursday, October 4, 2018

Finding Balance in Life ~ Especially in Marriage

Finding the balance between you, your marriage, and your kids can sometimes be a tough thing.  But when you stop to think about it, having a solid marriage is something that your kids need just as much as anything else.  They also need to you be you.  They also need to see you be a parent.

Is it possible to do all three?  Yes!  But, no they may not happen equally every day of the week.  Sometimes the balance shifts focus into one area heavily due to the time of season you are in.  Maybe you have a big work project that needs a little extra focus, but once done, things will even out.  Or maybe you have put your marriage on the back burner for far too long so finding the balance again is tough.  Or maybe a kiddo is sick.  The list goes on  for why our focus shifts the balance.

But the balance doesn't have to stay in one area forever.  It can and will shift around.  But want to know something interesting I have found?  If you make sure to include time for yourself, to dream, to create, to do your hobbies it is easier to put a good amount of focus on your marriage.  And vice verse.  If you make sure to invest in your marriage, the other pieces will find a balance point.

It is kind of interesting how investing into your marriage can greatly effect all the other areas of your life.  You put good in, you will get good out.  That is a phrase we use a lot with our kids. 

Beyond it all, communication is definitely needed.  Just talk, talk about it all.  Your dreams, your hopes, the mistakes, the hard stuff, the day...all of it.  Talk about it all.

Set up a good marriage foundation.  Then when you add kids, it will still be there for you to come back to, for your kids to learn from.  But don't forget to keep investing in your marriage through the years.  Let it grow, let it build.

What do you do to keep investing in your marriage?  What do you do to keep it off the back burner, always simmering on low?

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