Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We All Face Battles ~ What is Your Armor?

What battles are you facing?

Are they small or big?

What do you face daily?

What does your armor look like?

Sometimes our battles are small and sometimes they are big.  Sometimes they last a moment, sometimes longer.  Sometimes once, sometimes daily.  At some point, maybe more than once, we will all face a big battle.  All these little battles you are facing are God's way of preparing you for your big ones.

If you are familiar with the stories of the bible, the one of David and Goliath is one that I am guessing you can recall easily.  It's about David, a small young Shepard, taking on Goliath a giant 9 foot tall warrior of many battles, and David winning.

That is the short version of the story. 

I read awhile back from author Andy Andrews, we are either coming out of crisis or headed that way.

When we are in crisis, we are in a storm, doing battle.  When we are headed out, we have finished the battle, are beginning to step out and move forward.  Once we level out and hit even ground, while the ground is solid, things are starting to turn the other way.  But in time, we will be headed back to battle once again.

Like I said, we face small battles often.  Those small ones shape us, train us, prepare us for when the Goliath type battles come.

I face battles every day.  As a mom, or a parent, you know how quickly you can ruin something with a three year old when you give them the wrong cup color, food choice, tell them it's time to clean up, and so on.  As parents we face battles daily.  While it is just the season we are in as our kids begin to test the boundaries, we are facing something every day.

Sure, those are small ones.  But I have faced bigger battles.  And while my bigger battles may not be as big as yours or the same, I face them just as much as you do. 

Three of my biggest battles?  Facing miscarriage and the path that put me on, postpartum depression and anxiety.

Remember the story about David and Goliath?  How is it that David was able to succeed?  His battle plan and armor were way different than Goliath's.  Goliath's reputation superseded him.  Goliath was a warrior, a fighter, armed with spear and sword, champion of many battles.  David was a Shepard, warrior only in the sense he was brave to fight off bear and lion from his flock to keep them safe.

Where was each of their hearts on that day?  Where is your heart today?

One rock, one simple rock took Goliath down.  At least on the surface.  Deeper down, it was Goliath's lack of true armor, lack of battle plan, lack of preparedness, and attitude.  David went in with his heart filled with God.  God's armor, God's plan, God's guidance.  David fought Goliath and won because David had been faithful.

Being faithful in all times.  All times.  In battle, leading up to battle, just coming out of battle, on solid ground.  All times, being faithful.

Can you say that about yourself?  Are you always faithful, no matter the circumstance?  Do you take God with wherever you go?  Do you wear an armor of your own or do you put on God's armor?

We aren't promised that we won't face battles.  But we won't face a battle we can't handle.  And we can handle those battles, even the Goliath sized ones, if we keep God on our side, put on God's armor, faithfully fill our hearts daily.

It is not always going to be easy.  But we can surely lighten the load if we trust and lean on God.

God's armor gives you a belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness,  feet fitted with the gospel of peace, a shield of faith, a helmet of salvation, and a sword of the holy spirit of the word of God.

I am not sure where your faith lies.  But I do know, we all face battles.  We all will continue to face battles throughout our lives.  Where do you place your heart, your attitude, your armor in these times?

You are not alone in fighting your battles. 

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