Thursday, December 13, 2018

LifeScore ~ Where are you struggling, frustrated, having success, transforming?

I enjoy reading.  I mostly read nonfiction, but will read the occasional fiction book if I find the topic of interest or it's a good read recommended by a friend. 

As I am compiling my book list for next year, I still touch base with some of my favorite Authors throughout the year.  Usually, when it's an author I like, I will follow them on facebook to follow along with their blog, resources, etc. that go beyond the book.

Some of my favorite authors you might ask?  Jill Savage, Andy Andrews, Joanne Miller.  My hubby has read a lot from Dan Miller, as well as done a podcast episode with him.  So I have learned a little here and there about him, but personally have yet to read one of his books.  However, I do follow him on facebook because his wealth of knowledge can be a helpful resource.

Recently Dan Miller shared a link to Michael Hyatt's LifeScore Assessment.  It is a free assessment that looks at the domains of: circle of being, circle of relating, and circle of doing.  Within each domain there are focused area questions on: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, marital, parental, social, vocational, avocational, financial.  You can select one, a few of the areas that relate to you (i.e. if you aren't married, don't click on the marital one or if you don't have kids yet, don't click on that one)

Once you answer all the questions it gives you an overall life score, as well as a score in each focus area.  Then you can look at where are struggling, frustrated, success or transforming.

I selected all the areas and after going through it to be very interesting and worth taking.  While most areas fell in the success range, there were a few areas in the frustration range and one area of transformation.  The last two, the frustration and transformation are two areas where I am going to dig in deeper to learn more about.  To see why they fell there, where my thoughts are on it, and if there is anything I need to do and can change, also, where I need to adjust my perspectives and priorities.

Sure, most of us will not be 100%  in the success range for all the areas, especially not all the time, and that is okay.  Why?  Because our lives are about balance and priorities.  Where we focus our attention the most is where we have the most success typically.  Likewise, where we put our priorities makes a different as well to where it falls on the scale. 

We all have different strengths and gifts we can share, as well as weaknesses.  But our strength and gifts can be used to help fill in the void of another's weakness, likewise, the strengths and gifts of other's can be used to fill the void of our weaknesses or help us begin a transformation process.

If you are in a frustration or struggling phase, is it because it is the season you are in?  Or could it be because that focus area falls into a weakness for you?  Or even an area that is of little interest to you?

If you are in a transformation phase, can you see that focus area transforming?  How is it?  Why?  Is it transforming into a success, or a struggle, or frustration?  What can you do to turn it into a success?

If you are in a success phase, can you see how you got there?  What makes it a success?  How can you keep it there?

Are any of these focus areas ones where you can change your perspective?  Grow and change? Something that you might be able to let go of?  Something you need additional guidance on?

It's okay to keep dreaming, keep growing, to keep changing.  As the year comes to an end, take a moment to think on the past year (or further back if wanted or needed) to reflect.  Take a moment to think about the year to come and dream, looking for ways to use your strengths, your talents, your gifts, coming to terms with your weaknesses and seeing where you are needing to or ready to transform.

Start putting into place now those things that will help you grow, to change where needed, to let go where you can , to transform.  See where this will take you.

Below I will include a link to the LifeScore Assessment.  I encourage you take a moment and answer the questions.  See where it will lead you.  If you take it, share your findings below if you feel comfortable or what your thoughts are about it all or what your take away is going to be from it.

In the meantime, you do you.  Use your strengths, use your gifts, let yourself transform.

Michael Hyatt's LifeScore Assessment

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