Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I need a vacation from my vacation. 

Typically I enjoy going on adventures and vacations.  But I also enjoy returning home and being home. 

For the first time coming back from a trip, I feel like I need a vacation.

If there is anything I have learned about traveling with kiddos is that expectations, even hopes need to be lowered a little.

Finally I got that through my head this last time around.  But no amount of lowering expectations or hopes was going to prepare me for the week we had.

We knew going in the kids were going to share a room.  This meant taking a little extra time to get used to it.  We knew that we were going to max out our time playing in the water parks, which would mean later nap time and bedtime starts, preparing a little extra before heading out, and shortening normal routines.  We knew they were going to have more energy because they were excited and we were planning on driving straight through.

It all started out great, until...I got hit with stomach issues.  Then hubby did.  We chalked it up to something we ate and moved onto the next day trying to enjoy taking in the water parks and playing.  But then at bed time we couldn't get either kiddo settled for the night.

A just wanted to have a sleepover and have T stay in the room.  T got hit with a stomach issue.  But by morning was ready to go.  So we went with it.  Other than tired, we all seemed fine. But then Wednesday left A with stomach issues.  But after a laid back morning and a good nap, he was ready to go.

Needless to say, most days didn't go as hope or planned.  Most nap times and bedtimes didn't go as hoped or planned.  By the end of the week and getting home we were all tired.

This week we all feel totally back to normal health.  Still, I feel some residual tired.  But we are embracing the cold weather and sticking to home.  Getting some things done, just playing, catching up on some much needed rest. 

It makes me wonder if the issue was more about the chlorine, being in the water more, sleep being way more off than usual that caused each of our stomach issues.

Beyond it all, we still have some great moments from it, we had fun moments, and we saw some growth in the kids from last year when we went in their swimming and their courage.

Sure I didn't get to read as much as I hoped for, my rituals were off, and I didn't get to spend as much quality time with my hubby  I still had fun.

Will we go back to the water park?  Probably.  Will I prepare any different?  Yup, going to pack Gatorade to take with ( $3.50 a bottle is ridiculous).  Will I lower my expectations more?  Nah, probably not much.  But I may plan to be a little more bendy.

Was it our worse vacation?  Nope.  Was it our best?  Nope.  But it was time as a family, playing in water, and having fun when we could.

What is your is your best vacation story?  What is your worst?

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