Friday, February 8, 2019

Making Working Out Fun

Is your work out fun? 

If it is, that is awesome!  I would love to hear what works for you and what you like to do for your workout.

If not, let's take a moment to change it up and make it fun, as well as something to look forward to.

I personally go in waves.  I find something I like and I go with it for awhile.  But then I get in a rut and need to change it up.  I have found if I change it up every so often it keeps me motivated and interested.  And with time and trying different things I can combine ideas to create my own workout.

There are workout styles I can do, but aren't ones that I enjoy, or want to do often, or just don't like but may still push through for a bit.  But there are combos, styles, and moves that I love and actually look forward to.  So I pick the things that bring me the most energy and joy, are fun and I look forward to.

Sure I can HIIT, interval training, and anywhere in between to get moving.  But what I have found that I love the most and makes it the most fun is dancing for my cardio as many days in the week as I can.  Nothing beats putting the headphones on, turning on country music (hey, it's better than kid songs that I normally listen to most of the day), and just dancing around the house to the beat, the music, the words.  I figure if I can get through 4 songs, it's a great energize and gets my heart rate going.  Most of the time I go longer than that because it is so much fun.

I then use certain days to focus on certain on certain areas, like a: leg day, a core/back day, arms, and stretching/flexibility.  I also add in tools: weights, twist/balance board, bands.  I love to add in challenges.  I just finished a 30 day 100 squats a day challenge and I am a week into 30 day plank challenge. 

In finding what motivates me, keeping it fresh, fun, and exciting.  Take time to find an accountability buddy or group.  It helps you make it through those tough days, the days you want to skip, and can bring inspiration too.

I have found too that time of day working out matters, at least for me.  Sure, I can workout first thing in the morning (for a few weeks) or later in the evening.  But I find the best that works for me and my flow is later morning or early afternoon.  I have more energy, can get into, and really put forth my best effort.  I get more out of it then.

How do I make working out fun?

By dancing, by strengthening, by doing challenges.  On the days I don't feel like working out or have as much time or the location just isn't great, I go back to one of my challenge videos.  I figure, hey it's at least 5 minutes, I can knock this out.  Sometimes it leads to more of a workout and sometimes I leave it at that.

What makes working out fun for you?

*Photo Credit:  Google Search for Don't dance like no one is watching, dance like a toddler*

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