Monday, February 4, 2019

Marriage Monday ~ Make Your Marriage A Priority

Do you remember when you first starting dating your spouse?  You know, back when you were talking to get to know each other, having date nights, flirting, PDAs (you know, a public display of affection here and there, like a hug or kiss, hand holding), and so on...

How did you meet?  What was your favorite date?  How did you know they were the one you wanted to marry?

When you were dating and things became serious, leading to marriage you put your marriage as a priority I am guessing.

After a few years, did you keep flirting?  Did you keep any or all of the actions you did while dating, or did they fade away?

Now let's do this.  Add in a kid...and another.  Growing your family changes your marriage dynamic doesn't it?

Things get set on the back burner, balance gets shifted, things get lost or forgotten about.  Priorities are ever changing.

Stop for a moment.  Where is your marriage at?  I mean really think about it.  Have you set it on the back burner letting other people, things, etc become a priority?

Life is about balancing and making things a priority.  When it becomes a priority, we make space for it.  So do you still have space for your marriage?  If you do, what do you do to keep your marriage a priority, to deepen your connection, to build intimacy, to keep those flirty dating feelings going?

If you don't have space, then it is time to make it a priority, give it the space it deserves.

I had fallen into this.  Lost some of the sparkle, the feels, the connection.  I had a hard time rearranging things as we added kiddos.  I also had a hard time of letting go of control, when and where needed.  This, as well as a few other things led me to place my marriage on to the back burner....for awhile.

It took me realizing a change needed to happen...a change in me, my perspective, my knowledge.  I needed to let go, to trust, to grow, to change...and a whole lot of communicating. I have faith, I have trust in God, and I look to His word for grounding.  If you haven't before, take a look at what the bible says about marriage.  Also, take a moment to read all of I Corinthians verse 7.  It is more than just "the love verse" usually used at weddings.

It is not wrong to put priority on your marriage.  In fact, when it comes down to it, it is a necessity.  Yes, certain things may need to switch spots at times and take precedence, but don't leave your marriage on the side for too long.

Find a way to bring back that little spark each day.  Find something you can add in, bring back, giving your marriage more space, more presence in the day.  Just a few extra minutes here and there, keeping it simple.  And then as often as you can, take a longer amount of time to invest into your marriage, like a date night (in or out) or intimacy or snuggling on the couch or talking.  Have fun with it.

What can you do to start making your marriage a priority? 

What do you do now to make it a priority?

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