Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Today we are just a handful of days into February, and as I sit here I am realizing I need a little bit of a reset.  A reset to get back into my natural flow, to let go, to open back up, balance out my energies and energy boosters, release my energy zappers.

So here goes for some of it.

My February word is calm.  On the outside and just inside, it hasn't felt much calm.  Today I am digging in deeper.  Listening to my heart, listening to my body, listening to my spirit.  Today I am going back to the routines, the rituals that I set up at the start of January that helped me feel grounded, helped me stay in my natural flow & rhythm.  The ones I was just getting into, then went on a trip that we had planned but much more unexpected came from to being stuck at home inside due to extreme cold weather and got February, now just realizing that all had been set aside.

Now it is time to pick it back up again.  It has been a rough Monday.  Not because it is Monday, but because after so many days of things just being plain off taken it's toll and holding on for too long.  I realized today that I am letting others emotions, behaviors, actions get attached to my own instead of separating them.  Instead of letting theirs be theirs, mine be mine, I am combining them all.  Feeling the load on my shoulders beginning to weigh me down. 

Instead of balancing things out, I am letting them get skewed too far in one direction.  But now, even as I sit here and type I am beginning to feel a weight lifted, something release.

I am watching the snow slowly float to the ground.  Twisting, turning, spinning....moving slow, fast.  It is like our lives.  Each snowflake is unique on it's own.  Just like we are.  I feel a change coming on.  A reset, a release. 

Where it will lead, I am not sure yet.  But I am ready.

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