Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring is Here ~ Sinking My Roots in Deeper

It's Spring!  Spring is finally here, well at least the calendar says it.

Don't get me wrong.  I love the four seasons.  But to be honest, the last couple weeks of Winter always drain me and I get to a point where I am just over the cold and snow.  This year because all our snow basically came in February, I was ready for Spring way sooner.

We were all geared up for Winter, hoping to spend time in the snow in December and January, but it didn't come until February.  And then we would be hit by many cold days in a row, making the snow not great for playing in after.

But alas, the snow is melting, roads are clearing, and the weather is getting in the 40s and 50s.

I am ready for warm sun, warm breezes, and things greening out.

I am ready for the change, the new growth, and sinking my own roots in deeper.

I am ready for this season and what it brings and has to offer.

I took a moment to ground myself, pull out my simple clarity cards, and work through some card pulls.  What are simple clarity cards?  They are cards with a word and picture that reflects the word.  I have three sets I sprawl out on the floor. 

I start with a prayer asking God to guide me, ground me, and open my heart.  This is my way of working through things and talking with God and connecting.  It is how I get in tune with my heart and thoughts, it is how I get myself to open up, let go where needed, and a focus moving forward.  I work my way through each question, pull cards without looking, and journal my way through.

It becomes very interwoven, crosses over relationships, brings grounding along with perspective.  I find it is something I crave every so often that I carve out the time to focus my mind, body, and spirit.  In the end I find a inner calm, a sense of peace, feel lighter, and am filled with joy, as well as a rooted, deeper connection.

My Spring is going to be about quiet, about release.  It is going to be interwoven with enough, grace, thrive, bloom, and comfort.  Where this leads and what this looks like, only time will tell.

Bring on the Spring season.  I am ready.

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