Friday, March 8, 2019

Start a focus Challenge for Your Workout

Sometimes we need a jump start in our workouts, sometimes we need to change it up, sometimes we need that push to get us going.  Whatever your reason, start a focus challenge.

One of the great parts of doing a challenge is that you have your workouts handed to you more often than not.  It could be sent as a daily email, the schedule is laid out for you, making it easy to keep going with it.

And more often than not, there are others who would be up for doing the challenge with you.  This provides a great way for accountability and others to chat with during the challenge.

I have done a few challenges over that past couple of years. 

I have been a part of a 3-Week Fit Mama Shred and after the three weeks, we did another round and yet another round.  This was a fun way to get working out in, talk with other mamas, and draw inspiration to keep going.

I recently finished a 30 day, 100 squats a day challenge.  I loved it!  It was a quick workout usually and easy to fit in anytime during the day, anywhere (did some of my days on vacation).  It got my heart rate up and I felt better balanced, as well as stronger after (legs, core, and arms because I added weights).

Currently I am trying to work through a plank challenge on my own.  This one I am finding more difficult to do.  Mostly because I can make it to the 1 minute mark and I am just done.  I can't seem to push past that point.  I am not sure if it is because my arm strength just isn't there yet or because the increase in minutes is too fast.  So, for now, I am still doing planks, but I go until 1 minute.  I may not get to the 5 minutes in the 30 days like it has laid out, but I do know I am getting stronger.  There are a variety of plank challenges out there.  This one is a standard plank.  I may look at changing it up and trying a different plank challenge and see how that goes.

I encourage you to look for a challenge, make it a 30 day challenge and then find others who want to give it a try too. 

They are great for focusing in on certain areas.  You can see how much a difference they can make, even if it the workout is only 5 minutes a day, by keeping it consistent.  And with a focus challenge, it gives you an end date to keep in mind.

I have found that after my challenges I carry what I have been doing with me into other workouts.  Because I enjoy them and miss them when it is over, I use it to create my own workout routine.

So how about you...have you done a workout challenge?  What was it?  What challenge do you want to tackle next?

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