Monday, August 12, 2019

Finding My Writing Flow & Flow Between Priorities

I have been thinking over the past weeks since my last post that it has been awhile, what do I want to write about.  I have had so many ideas, but I haven't put my fingers to the keys.  I find that writing gets set to the side pretty quickly these days.

I get ideas of what to write about, but then days go by and then I wrestle with, should I still write it or let it go.  I don't always have time to pull out the laptop and write, but what I am realizing is I need to make time for it.  It may not be on the laptop at first, or even in a post, but I can certainly write in a notebook.  Then make time on the calendar to actually put my fingers to the keys.

I am a schedule type person.  So if I want to make writing a priority, I have to schedule it.  I know, it sounds kind of funny, maybe a little odd.  If I like it, why don't I just do it.  Well, I have many roles in the day, so often it turns out that those take more precedence.  Toss in curve balls, unexpected twists, or even leaving space open and writing gets put on the back burner.

And then there is the fact that I go through different phases and seasons as I try to figure out a good flow for writing and spending time with it.  Now, as my kiddos are a little older and little more independent I can see some windows opening allowing me the time if I choose to take it.

It's not that I don't have the time, it is that I don't take the time or give it priority.

That happens often in life.  Things get set aside when we don't give it time or priority.  Now, granted we can't control how or what that will look like always, and stuff comes up.  But overall, we can find a natural flow that creates a balanced harmony.  And we need to take the time to pull those things we set aside every so often to see if they are still relevant, or if something needs to be changed, or if it needs to be let go.

Leaving something off to the side for too long can be cause issues sometimes depending on the topic.  Like marriage or health.  Put those things off to the side for too long and things can tend to fall apart.  And it sometimes takes a lot to bring it back.

Your life becomes what you make a priority.  As moms, we tend to put our kids as first priority.  Everything else seems to fall away, including who we are as a person.  A mom is only part of us.  But there is so much more to us.  Yes, at times are kids need to be number one priority.  But they can't always be in that spot.  There needs to be a flow between the things you make a priority.  And that is going to look different in different seasons, as kids grow up, as marriages gain years, as things change, as things grow.

What have you set down that you need to take a look at?